Activity adds the spice to life! It can also help reduce anxiety, relieve stress and maintain a higher level of functioning. We encourage our residents to be as active as possible! We like to think of our activity program as a life enrichment program that is designed to promote physical and mental stimulation. We also keep personal ability and enjoyment in mind and provide plenty of choice too. Please contact us for a copy of our most current activity calendar or join us for an activity anytime!

We understand that some of our residents are more adventurous. Therefore, we encourage them to go out, try new things and explore. Others we know would rather keep busy where they feel most comfortable. For those individuals, we offer plenty to do at Teal Lake Senior Living. For our residents who have limitations and special care needs, we tailor many of our activities to allow them to join in the fun.

Some people just have to be where it’s happening so they join and participate in our clubs and social groups. In addition, some residents have the desire to hit the road and take advantage of our many outings and excursions. These outgoing folks look forward to getting together with friends to offer camaraderie, share conversations, explore the community around them, stimulate their minds and of course have lots of FUN!